Valle de la Luna

Just south of La Paz is Valle de la Luna, another alien landscape caused by erosion and time.

We had an afternoon to kill waiting for a flight to take us out of Bolivia. So we visited a tour agency and said “we would like to go to Valle de la Luna please”. Forty minutes later we were there.

The valle

The valley

The valley is a weird desert landscape of tall columns caused by erosion. There are two circuits to walk. One takes 45 minutes but if you’re lazy there’s also a 15 minute option. We took the longer walk.

At least I think it's weird

At least I think it’s weird

It is quite a strange place, but simple and doesn’t really require me to do much explaining. Rain, wind and time has eroded the mountain, leaving a bare grey moonlike canyon.

Guide rails?

Guide rails?

There are deep crevices, and tall peaks reaching for the sky.

Oddly phallic at times

Oddly phallic at times

It’s an interesting place to explore and only takes a couple of hours.

Umm.. yeah

Umm.. yeah. Exploring!

My only suggestion if you are visiting is to not book with a tour agency. All they did was organise a taxi to take us there, wait, then bring us back. We were told it was 40 minutes south of La Paz but in reality you are still more or less in the suburbs. Just take public transport and save yourself 40Bs.

It's really close to La Paz

It’s really close to La Paz

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